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Custom Body Jewelry | Body Shines/O.C. Engravers | Orange, CA | (714) 937-1509
You'll find a wide selection of custom body jewelry in Orange, CA at Body Shines/O.C. Engravers. Our custom body jewelry is made of high-quality metals (such as...
Ear Piercings | Body Shines/O.C. Engravers | Orange, CA | (714) 937-1509
While piercings can be performed on nearly any part of the ear, the most common piercings are done on the earlobe. At our ear jewelry piercing studio for ear...
Custom Engraving | Body Shines/O.C. Engravers | Orange, CA | (714) 937-1509
Are you looking for a gift for a graduation, anniversary, or birthday? Your loved ones will always remember when they wear their piece that you took the time and effort...

Jewelry for Your Body Needs!

Welcome to Body Shines/O.C. Engravers

At Body Shines/O.C. Engravers, we are your one-stop shop for “Jewelry for Your Body Needs” as well as jewelry for ears, jewelry engraving service, and ear piercing. We have built a reputation for unusual and hard-to-find jewelry to fit any of your piercings. Not only do we have a wide variety of jewelry available in our store, but our staff is knowledgeable and caring about piercings, helping answer any questions you may have so that you can change out your body jewelry in a safe, sterile way.

Body Shines/O.C. Engravers has been serving the Orange, CA community for the past 11 years, becoming the preferred seller of ear and body jewelry in the Southern California area. During this time, people around here have gotten to know us and love us! The local piercing community's continued support of our piercing store allows us to continually provide a broad range of ear and body jewelry, piercing accessories, and engraving services at the lowest prices.

The more successful our store becomes, the easier it is for Body Shines/O.C. Engravers to bring in fresh, new custom body jewelry items to the store, so please continue to patronize us and make sure to bring in your friends, too. People have come to know us by our reputation as well as by the high quality of our jewelry. We are currently offering the following exciting special: Buy 1 Get 1, 1/2 off any Jewelry Item! Call us so you can see that we provide the best service in Orange County!