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You'll find a wide selection of custom body jewelry in Orange, CA at Body Shines/O.C. Engravers. Our custom body jewelry is made of high-quality metals (such as surgical-grade stainless steel, platinum, titanium, and 14-karat gold). We can help you select your body jewelry to fit your piercing, allowing for swelling and proper cleaning.

In addition to our standard earrings, we sell jewelry for other piercings of the ear too. Specialized earrings are designed for the following parts of the ear:

• Auricle/Helix—Outer edge of the ear, halfway down.
• Conch—Middle of the ear cartilage, concave section next to ear canal.
• Daith—Through fold of cartilage nearest to the ear canal.
• Pinna—Outer edge of the ear at the top of the ear.
• Industrial/Scaffold—Two piercings linked by one long bar.
• Orbital—Two piercings that enter and exit the same part of the ear.
• Tragus—Outer part of the ear formed of thick ear cartilage.
• Anti-tragus—Opposite and parallel to the Tragus.
• Earlobe Gauging—Creating large holes in the earlobe through stretching.
• Rook—Through the top cartilage at the top of the ear.

We also carry personalized body jewelry at Body Shines/O.C. Engravers for the nose, tongue, eyebrow, belly button, and various other piercing locations. When choosing a body jewelry shop, it is important to pick a store like ours with professional and knowledgeable staff. This way, we can help you select your customized body jewelry to fit your piercing, to help you keep your piercing clean, and to fit your personal style.

Body Shines/O.C. Engravers keeps up with the latest techniques in piercings in order to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and keep our customers well-informed. Our slogan is “Jewelry for Your Body Needs,” and we stand by our promise to provide the highest quality jewelry and to always share our knowledge about care and cleaning. If you have questions about care, cleaning, or putting in your body jewelry, we are here to help. Feel free to stop in anytime!